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E-Textbooks at Atkins Library

Atkins Library is proud to provide to our students with a limited number of etextbooks and supplemental readings for the Fall 2017 semester. We are pleased to be able to make available the ebooks below for the Fall semester. Please review the drop down list or browse the title list to see if a title assigned to your class is available. Please be sure to consult your professor about using the ebooks provided.

100 Years of Spanish Cinema
ISBN: 9781444304794

A Passion for Teaching
ISBN: 9780415251792

Advances in Digital Forensics X
ISBN: 9783662449516

Anthropology And Economy
ISBN: 9781107577206

Architecture Student Handbook
ISBN: 9781118738979

Art Of Teaching Science
ISBN: 9780415965286

Artificial Cognitive Systems
ISBN: 9780262028387

Banana Cultures
ISBN: 9780292712560

Basics of Game Design
ISBN: 9781568814339

Beginning And End Of Rape
ISBN: 9780816696338

Beginning Python Visulization
ISBN: 9781430218432

Beginning the Linux Command Line
ISBN: 9781430218890

Beginning WebGL for HTML5
ISBN: 9781430239963

Belonging:Culture Of Place
ISBN: 9780415968164

Biography Of A Mexican Crucifix
ISBN: 9780195367072

Biomaterials Science
ISBN: 9780123746269

Black Cosmopolitanism
ISBN: 9780812223231

Black Sexual Politics
ISBN: 9780415951500

Cemeteries And Gravemarkers
ISBN: 9780874211603

Child Development in Practice
ISBN: 9780415497534

Childhood In A Sri Lankan Village
ISBN: 9780813561653

Clockwork Game Design
ISBN: 9781138798731

Computer Security
ISBN: 9783540446019

Controversy In The Classroom
ISBN: 9780415962292

Create Web Charts with D3
ISBN: 9781484208663

Cultivating Food Justice
ISBN: 9780262516327

Death And Other Penalties
ISBN: 9780823265305

Design Of Observational Studies
ISBN: 9781441912121

Devoted To Death
ISBN: 9780190633332

Director Prepares
ISBN: 9780415238328

Discovering Knowledge In Data
ISBN: 9780470908747

Displaced Person
ISBN: 9780807131923

Emerging Evangelicals
ISBN: 9780814789551

Engineering Electromagnetics
ISBN: 9783319078052

Engineering Optics
ISBN: 9780387757230

Essentials Of 3D Biofabricaion
ISBN: 9780128009727

Excavating Modernity
ISBN: 9780801449987

Funk The Erotic
ISBN: 9780252081101

Game Design Theory
ISBN: 9781466554207

Giving Preservation A History
ISBN: 9780415934435

Global Public Relations
ISBN: 9780415448154

Great War In Russian Memory
ISBN: 9780253356178

Handbook of Engineering Acoustics
ISBN: 9783540240525

Healthcare Business Intelligence
ISBN: 9781118217801

Hearing Mermaid'S Song
ISBN: 9780826347336

Hope In A Jar
ISBN: 9780812221671

Hospital and Healthcare Security
ISBN: 9780124200487

ISBN: 9780816647415

How Buddhism Began
ISBN: 9780415371230

In Other Words
ISBN: 9780415467544

In Search Of Respect
ISBN: 9780521574600

Industrial Organization
ISBN: 9780132770989

Interpreting As Interaction
ISBN: 9781138141315

Introducing Interpreting Studies
ISBN: 9780415742726

Introducing Multimodality
ISBN: 9780415639262

Introduction To Sociology
ISBN: 9781938168413

JavaScript Recipes
ISBN: 9781430261063

Jesus And Gang
ISBN: 9780816529087

John Of God
ISBN: 9780190466701

Kingdom Of Matthias-Updated
ISBN: 9780199892495

Language Across Difference
ISBN: 9781107613966

Language In Real World
ISBN: 9780415774680

ISBN: 9780820345550

Latino Urbanism
ISBN: 9780814784051

Leadership In Higher Education
ISBN: 9781412805902

Lost Children
ISBN: 9780674425064

Making Of The Modern Refugee
ISBN: 9780198744474

Making Sense Of Humanity
ISBN: 9780521478687

Mark My Words
ISBN: 9780816677917

Materials and Acoustics Handbook
ISBN: 9781848210745

Materials Characterization
ISBN: 9783527334636

ISBN: 9781848721845

Militarization Of Indian Country
ISBN: 9781938065002

Misunderstanding The Internet
ISBN: 9781138906228

Modern Mathematical Stat.W/Appl.
ISBN: 9781461403906

Movable Feast
ISBN: 9781107657458

Music Education In Your Hands
ISBN: 9780415800907

Myths Of Harmony
ISBN: 9780822959656

Next Generation Infrastructure
ISBN: 9781610911818

No Enemies,No Hatred!
ISBN: 9780674072329

Observing The User Experience
ISBN: 9780123848697

Performing Prose
ISBN: 9780809329533

ISBN: 9780415280655

Pro Linux System Administration
ISBN: 9781484220078

Public Relations Writing Worktext
ISBN: 9780415997546

Purity And Danger
ISBN: 9780415289955

ISBN: 9780816631650

Red Skin,White Masks
ISBN: 9780816679652

Reinforcement Learning
ISBN: 9783642276446

Religion And Constitution
ISBN: 9781454868262

Revolutionary Backlash
ISBN: 9780812220735

Savage Barbecue
ISBN: 9780820331096

Social Studies Today
ISBN: 9781138846814

Solitary Confinement
ISBN: 9780816679591

Spanish Cinema
ISBN: 9780582437159

Sport And Gender Identities
ISBN: 9780415259576

Springer Handbook of Acoustics
ISBN: 9781493907540

Stage Management Basics
ISBN: 9781138960541

Stinking Stones And Rocks Of Gold
ISBN: 9780813049243

Teaching Subject New Edition
ISBN: 9780874218664

The Basics of Digital Forensics
ISBN: 9781597496612

Theorizing Race In The Americas
ISBN: 9780190633691

Therapeutic Nations
ISBN: 9780816531417

Thinking French Translation
ISBN: 9780415255226

Thinking Small
ISBN: 9780674289949

Towards A Poor Theatre
ISBN: 9780878301553

Triadic Game Design
ISBN: 9781849961561

Understanding White Privilege
ISBN: 9780415874274

Utilitarianism F/ And Against
ISBN: 9780521098229

Virginity Lost
ISBN: 9780814716533

Visible Identities
ISBN: 9780195137354

Waste Into Weapons
ISBN: 9781107492097

World History:Basics
ISBN: 9780415582759

World Of Babies
ISBN: 9781316502570